How to Answer This SUPER Common Network Marketing Question

network marketing

How To Answer This SUPER Common Network Marketing Question You’ve joined a network marketing business. You’ve built a belief in the business model and are now ready to start marketing. However, while out with friends you have somebody to ask, “What do you do for a living?” and you freeze up! Don’t worry, you’re not…

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How to Retain 90% of Your Team and Hit Seven Figures Without Recruiting Friends or Family


(Please enjoy this post from Guest Blogger Andrew T Draughon) Saying you can retain ninety percent of your team is a BOLD statement. Saying you can retain 90% of a team built without recruiting anyone you know, during your first year in network marketing…is downright outrageous. Even crazier, is the ability to achieve these numbers without being forced…

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Network Marketing: How to Present Yourself

network marketing - how to present yourself

How to Present Yourself in Your Network Marketing Opportunity What every network marketer should know about presenting themselves to their audience. You may be wondering: Suit and tie? Khaki shorts and a tee? Does it really matter what you’re wearing? Watch today’s video to hear my take on what works best!.. So it really depends…

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Network Marketing: How Much Will I Make?

network marketing - how much will I make?

Network Marketing – How Much Will I Make And How Fast Will I Make It? If you’re joining network marketing for the first time, you may have this question. Don’t we all?.. “How Much Money Will I Make and How Fast Can I Do It?” The problem with that question is that nobody can determine…

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