Nine Insights for Writing Effective Email & Sales Copy

9 insights email and sales copy

(Please enjoy today’s post by guest blogger Vitaly Grinblat) What’s the single most important thing about writing sales copy? I get asked this question from time to time. And it’s funny… Most people expect there’s some super-secret, sneaky psychology at work in highly compelling, “must read” copy. But the truth is simple. The #1 determining…

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Have a Network Marketing Question? Get Answers!

network marketing - brandon frye

Have Network Marketing Questions? Let Me Answer Them For You!.. No matter if you’re a network marketing rookie or a seasoned veteran, questions will arise. Today I’m seeking your questions or concerns about the industry so that I can help you in an upcoming video. You see, my 30 day video marketing bootcamp is coming…

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Why More People Aren’t Joining Your Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing: The Unspoken Barrier Ever wonder why some people refuse to join your network marketing opportunity although you’ve got everything in place for them. The products are valuable, the company is solid, and your marketing strategies work for everyone who joins. But some people still won’t budge. What gives? We’ll cover that in today’s…

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Four Email Marketing Lessons from the Greatest Advertising Campaign of the 20th Century

email marketing

(Please Enjoy This Post From Guest Blogger Andrew T Draughon) Do you brush your teeth? Chances are strong the answer is “yes!” And if you include yourself in the category of regular toothbrushers…. You have ONE man to thank. An advertiser, as it happens, who made an INSANE amount of money selling the newfangled idea…

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