The 4 Dangers of Cold Market Recruiting

cold market recruiting

Today, I want to discuss cold market recruiting and its dangers. And I don’t say dangers lightly. Historically, offline in-person cold market recruiting was the primary means to find prospects in the network marketing industry. Broadly defined, the cold market refers to people you didn’t previously have a relationship with and basically don’t know you personally. The warm market is defined…

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How to Guarantee Your Success in Network Marketing and Recruit with a Push of a Button in 5 Simple Steps

network marketing

When I first started in network marketing, I was told something that really bothered me… It was at a nuts n’ bolts training meeting held by a successful distributor in my upline, a wealthy physician with his own private practice, who’d also made over 2 million dollars in network marketing. He obviously knew what it took to…

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5 Ways to Construct an Attention-Grabbing Headline and Hook Your Prospects


This is the first thing my daughter’s 7th grade Social Studies teacher started off with on a recent curriculum night. She said… “On the first day of school, I told your kids… in this class we’re going to cover blood, guts, murder, and betrayal.” My ears perked up immediately. The second thing she said was… “I’m…

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Exitus Elite Postcard Marketing with Team Alliance

exitus elite postcard marketing

Exitus Elite postcard marketing system now available exclusively through Team Alliance This week we added a complete postcard marketing system for our Exitus Elite team. This probably isn’t a surprise to many of my followers as I’ve crushed my income goals in my other business with postcards. It only made sense to add the same,…

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