Meet the Mom Who Can Help You Create a Massive Recruiting Surge Using Social Media… In An Hour a Day!


Watch the video below to discover how a stay-at-home mom of two kids personally sponsored 270 frontline reps and built a team of over 8300 distributors on social media—without a website or tech experience! I hope you enjoyed that preview of our recent LIVE Virtual Class. To access the complete training, click here to learn more…

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Ethically Use the “F-Word” to Boost Your Response!

using fear to boost response

This post is going to be somewhat controversial. But…it will make you more money. And don’t worry, I’m going to keep it real clean here…in spite of using the four letter “F word,” which I guarantee will help you increase your response and boost your sales and income. Dramatically. But first, let’s talk about the real issue with marketing and advertising……

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10 Steps to Build a Rock-Solid Network Marketing Team

network marketing team

Are you struggling to duplicate? Frustrated with the lack of growth of your team? Do you find it exhausting to try and keep your team members motivated? Hey, you’re not alone! But luckily… It’s not as hard as you might think to quickly create vastly more production in your organization. So pay close attention to…

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What To Do When Your Upline Doesn’t Want You to Use the Internet to Build

upline internet to build

A very common question I get from people learning the cutting edge online recruiting methods inside my ‘Attraction Marketing Formula’ training, has to do with a concern over being scolded by an upline for “choosing a different path.” For example, I was on a webinar a couple months ago and a woman asked how she…

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