How to Guarantee Your Prospects Will Enthusiastically Say, “YES!” When You Invite Them to Take a Look at Your Business!

guarantee prospects say yes

How would you like to guarantee your prospects enthusiastically say, “YES!” when you invite them to take a look at your business? Maybe that sounds like a tall order… But it’s absolutely possible, and I’m about to reveal exactly how to make it happen through my 3 “golden rules” of cold market recruiting. First though, let…

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3 Steps to Making Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick!


It’s that time again! And guess what—I’ve got some sobering news… New Year’s resolutions are a complete waste of time! Yep, according to a recent study from the University of Scranton, only 8% of all people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions. The other 92%? Well, not to be mean, but if you could ask each of…

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Active vs. Passive Prospecting on Social Media

active prospecting

It’s no secret that social media recruiting is a hot topic in the network marketing space. These days it seems like distributors everywhere are chomping at the bit to start building their businesses online, using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find hot new prospects. But, despite all the buzz, not everyone is achieving…

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Top 5 Network Marketing Tips For Newbies

network marketing

If we’re being honest… We ALL have our ups and downs in network marketing. Doesn’t matter who you are… It’s not always roses and rainbows. However, here’s what I’ve found to be true… Most of my struggles were within myself… …rather than from outside forces. So I quickly learned (as we all do) that I needed to not…

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